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Amazon Reviews

Very glad I took the chance on one more cookbook for eating healthier. This one has proven to be the best yet for making it do able and affordable. My husband loved his unusual dinner last night, proving another successful point that could have caused problems. Passing the taste test with man is a thumbs up.  Shae – Amazon Reviewer

Overall this book is great for people of all ages with or with our diabetes or obesity. The recipes are great and I’m looking forward to making many of the recipes. I have tried 3 recipes in the book so far, Carribean Black Eyed Pea Salad, Chinese eggs and Greens and lemony Greek Pan Roasted Chickpeas. The dishes were delicious, my family and I enjoyed it a lot. Denyse Roberts – Amazon Reviewer

I highly recommend this cookbook and the diet. I feel better than I have in over a decade. I have more energy and a sense of peace I thought would never come back. I think some call it being calm versus anxious LOL. Stephanie Robbins “Prevage Compliance” – Amazon Reviewer

I found that, just by testing and eating the recipes, I lost three pounds in one week. (That weight loss was not replicated in week two, but I did lose an additional half-pound.) I didn’t strictly adhere to the diet plan; I just ate healthy, home-cooked meals, most of which were prepared from this cookbook. I imagine that a concerted effort to follow the plan would yield excellent results. The recipes are mostly delicious and satisfying.  Debbie Lee Wesselmann – Amazon Reviewer.

Grandma’s $0.02 – The Blood Sugar Solution Cookbook: More than 175 Ultra-Tasty Recipes for Total Health and Weight Loss is full of recipes that your entire family will enjoy. This might just be the “diet” you can stick to. Highly recommended!  “Grandma” – Amazon Reviewer.

I would recommend this cookbook to anyone who is seriously ready to “dump the junk” and take back their health.  Patty Kaye – Amazon Reviewer.

The Blood Sugar Solution Cookbook is not like any other healthy eating cook book I’ve come across. Actually, it’s not like any cookbook I’ve ever read, because it’s more than just a recipe guide. Angela Streiff – Amazon Reviewer.

Love great food? Love being healthy? This is THE cookbook for you! Dr. Hyman is a brilliant doctor, committed to our common good, our common health. In The Blood Sugar Solution Cookbook, he brings us gluten-free, dairy-free, do-able, healthy meals. You can only win with this book! – Dr. Young – Amazon Reviewer.
The chocolate mouse is to die for and I served it to guests who raved about it and didn’t even realize it was a healtheir version than they were used to. When Mark promises “ultra tasty” recipes, he means it. I definitely recommend purchasing this book – you won’t be sorry! Kathleen Casey – Amazon Reviewer

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