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Citrus Crab Salad


Citrus Crab Salad. Crab is low in saturated fat but a good source of iron, vitamin B12, zinc, copper, and selenium, all of which reduce inflammation. Sunflower sprouts are simply baby sunflower plants and can be found in the produce department. They add a nutritious crunch to salads, wraps, and even soups. From The Blood Sugar […]

Braised Lamb and Pomegranate Molasses Over White Beans


Nutritional analysis per serving: calories 720, carbohydrates 74.1 g, fiber 27.0 g, protein 65.4 g, fat 18.2 g, cholesterol 128 mg, sodium 265 mg, calcium 230 mg.

Sun-Dried Tomato Turkey Burgers


Nutritional analysis per serving: calories 198, carbohydrates 2.1 g, fiber 0 g, protein 22.8 g, fat 11.3 g, cholesterol 66 mg, sodium 156 mg, calcium 11 mg.