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Dr Hyman’s Tools For Healthy Living

As promised, here is a list of resources for finding high-quality food, living clean and green, relaxing, locating a practitioner of functional medicine in your area, and pursuing optimal health.
Further Reading and Resources from Mark Hyman, MD

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The Blood Sugar Solution Resources

The Blood Sugar Solution PBS Special DVD
Learn about the REAL underlying causes of “Diabesity” and hear about a 7-step solution that will help you to take back your health.

The Blood Sugar Solution Online Curriculum
Get healthy together with personalized support from Dr. Hyman. This interactive 12-week online course will help you overcome your weight challenges, reverse diabesity and achieve “UltraWellness”

The Blood Sugar Solution Home Coaching Program
Get the 9-part Home Study program that teaches you how to overcome diabesity. It includes a 3-hour Blood Sugar Solution Workshop, workbook, nutrition coaching and more.

Mark Hyman, MD Additional Resources

Our team of experienced functional medicine physicians, nutritionists, nurses, and health coaches guide you through diet and lifestyle modifications, as well as specialized testing, nutritional supplementation, and medications.

The UltraMind Solution
Whether you suffer from a mood disorder, neurological problems, difficulty with attention, or just low energy and a little brain fog, this 6-week program will help you heal your brain by fixing your body first.

The UltraMind Solution PBS Special
Learn about the seven key systems that are at the root of all broken brains, and what you can do to live a vibrantly healthy life.

Six Weeks to an UltraMind
This dynamic self-coaching program provides you with a combination of audio, video, and printed materials that make incorporating the UltraMind program into your life as simple as possible.

Are you stressed out? Do you suffer from anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorders, or panic attacks? In this audio program, I walk you through steps you can take to help you resolve stress and anxiety. It includes guided visualizations, breathing exercises, tips on nutrition and detoxification, and more.

This book promises to reprogram your body to automatically lose weight by turning on the messages of weight loss and health and turning off the messages of weight gain and disease.

The UltraMetabolism PBS Special
This two-hour special brings the secrets and steps of the UltraMetabolism program home.

The UltraMetabolism Cookbook
200 recipes to put the UltraMetabolism program into overdrive.

The UltraSimple Diet
This simple seven-day program provides you with the tools you need to treat the two primary underlying factors of weight gain — toxins and inflammation — and lose not only weight but many of your chronic health symptoms.

The UltraSimple Challege

  • DVD Coaching Program –2 DVDs include information on why and how the program works, the science behind it, daily motivational and instructional videos, and a special section on how to keep the weight OFF and the health ON for good.
  • 7-Day Action Plan Guide – This includes meal plans, shopping lists, recommended supplements, exercises and relaxation techniques, daily checklists, food logs, a journal, and progress trackers.
  • Online Support Community: Connect with other people on the program and share your experiences. Community support is a critical factor in making long-term changes.

The UltraThyroid Solution
Learn the seven steps that will help you comprehensively address your low-functioning thyroid and heal from this potentially devastating disorder.

This includes an innovative program that shatters the myths of today’s “fix-the-broken-parts” medicine.

Five Forces of Wellness
Learn about the five imbalances that lead to disease and how you can turn them as the five forces of wellness instead.

The Detox Box
Designed to remove toxins and allergens, boost immunity, and restore energy, this box, which includes CDs, flash cards, and a quick-start guide, gives you everything you need to complete a safe, effective, and medically informed detoxification program at home.

The UltraWellness Center

45 Walker Street
Lenox, MA 01240
(413) 637-9991

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