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You’ll find a vast array of organic foods; home care, health care, kitchenware, and pet care products; as well as other valuable resources at these sites.

Organic essentials

The Organic Pages
According to their website, the Organic Trade Association (OTA) presents The Organic PagesTM to provide users with a quick, easy way to find certified organic products, producers, ingredients, supplies, and services offered by OTA members, as well as items of interest to the entire organic community.

Organic Provisions
Organic Provisions is a convenient new way of choosing a wide array of quality natural foods and products right from your home.

Organic Planet
Organic Planet is a leading supplier of natural and organic food ingredients.

Sun Organic Farm
Sun Organic Farm provides a direct source for online ordering of a wide variety of organic foods.


Earthbound Farms
Fresh, packaged organic produce.

Maine Coast Sea Vegetables
A variety of sea vegetables, including some organically certified types.

Organic Frozen and Canned Foods

Cascadian Farm
A great source of organic frozen fruit and vegetables for those in a hurry.

Stahlbush Island Farms, Inc.
An excellent source of sustainably grown frozen berries.

Pacific Foods
Pacific Foods carries high-quality soups, broths, nut milk, hemp milk, and more.

Imagine Foods
A high-quality purveyor of delicious organic soups.

Meat, Poultry, eggs, and Dairy

Eat Wild
Grass-fed meat and dairy products.

Organic Valley
Organic meats, dairy, eggs, and produce from more than 600 memberowned organic farms.

Peaceful Pastures
Grass-fed and grass-finished meat, poultry, and dairy products.

Applegate Farms
Packaged poultry, meat, and deli products.

Pete and Gerry’s Organic Eggs
Organic omega-3 eggs.

Stonyfield Farm
Certified organic dairy products and soy yogurt.


Vital Choice Seafood
A selection of fresh, frozen, and canned wild salmon, sardine, black cod, and small halibut.

EcoFish, Inc.
Environmentally responsible seafood products and information.

Crown Prince Natural
Wild-caught, sustainably harvested, specialty canned seafood.

Wild salmon jerky for a convenient snack.

Nuts, Seeds, and Oils

Barlean’s Organic Oils
Organic oils and ground flaxseeds.

Omega Nutrition
A variety of organic oils, and flax and hemp seed products.

Spectrum Naturals
An extensive line of high-quality oils, vinegars, flax products, and culinary resources.

Organic nut and seed butters.

Once Again Nut Butter
Organic nut and seed butters.

Beans and Legumes

Eden Foods
A complete line of organic dried and canned beans.

Westbrae Natural
A full variety of organic beans and vegetarian products (soups, condiments, pastas, etc.).

ShariAnn’s Organic
Organic beans, refried beans, soups, and more.


Arrowhead Mills
Organic grains, including many gluten-free choices.

Lundberg Family Farms
Organic grains and gluten-free items, such as wild rice.

Hodgson Mill, Inc.
A complete line of whole grains, including many gluten-free grains.

Shiloh Farms
Organic whole grains, sprouted grains, and gluten-free items.

Spices, Seasonings, Sauces, Soups, and Such

Spice Hunter
A complete line of organic spices.

Frontier Natural Products Co-Op
An extensive line of organic spices, seasonings, baking flavors and extracts, dried foods, teas, and culinary gadgets.

Rapunzel Pure Organics
A great selection of seasonings such as Herbamare, made with sea salt and organic herbs.

Seeds of Change
Organic tomato sauces, salsas, and more.

Edward and Sons Trading Co.
An extensive line of vegetarian organic food products, including miso, sauces, brown rice crackers, etc.

A full product line of certified organic pure flavor extracts.


Nondairy, Gluten-Free Beverages

Westbrae WestSoy
Unsweetened soy milk.

Imagine Foods (Soy Dream)
Soy and rice milk and ice creams.

White Wave
Silk soy milk beverage.

WholeSoy & Co.
Unsweetened soy yogurt.

Organic Herbal Teas

Mighty Leaf Tea
Artisan-crafted loose teas in biodegradable pouches.

Choice Organic Teas
Organic fair-trade teas.

Yogi Tea
Medicinal herbal teas.

Numi Tea
According to their website, Numi inspires well-being of mind, body, and spirit through the simple art of tea.


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