Michelle’s 3 Month Clean Eating Journey


Two months ago I started The Blood Sugar Solution; my “Clean Eating Journey.” Today was my three month check-up with my doctor.


  • Weight loss: down 25 lbs
  • A1C: down a point
  • Vitamin D and electrolyte levels normal

I have been compliant approximately 75-80 percent of the time with the program. Not perfect. I have exercised a handful of times, am working towards adding that more regularly. I am on a daily regimen of excellent vitamins and supplements.

Other major changes I have seen include:

  • Edema in my hands feet, arms, all down to normal
  • Very little pain when I move and walk due to the lack of inflammation in my body
  • Energy levels higher than before although I am off of caffeine

I am so very grateful! Thank you all for your support and you can do this too!!

Love, Michelle

One Response to Michelle’s 3 Month Clean Eating Journey

  1. maureen September 7, 2012 at 11:36 pm #

    I wish your recipes/menu suggestions were easier and more common foods.