Six Weeks to See That You Really Can Turn Your Health Around


This program did not just meet my expectations, it surpassed them! Several years before the beta, I was tested for food allergies. I had several (allergies) but the tests indicated that I had no problem with gluten or dairy. As a beta participant, among the things I gave up for six weeks, were gluten and dairy. During the program, there were a few times where I had off plan eating and consumed either gluten, dairy, or both. I was very surprised to discover that I have a problem with both of them. Following the dietary recommendations alone produced dramatic results for me.

Like many people, my family has a very modest budget with little room for additional things like supplements or gym memberships. I had only some of the recommended supplements because I just couldn’t afford to buy all of them, truthfully, not even half of them. One of my allergies is to corn and so I can’t buy just any supplement, even those that are from reputable companies; my supplements have to be corn free. With only minimal supplements and not much exercise beyond walking to and/or from work (about a 15 minute walk one way), with primarily only the dietary changes, I have had phenomenal results! In six weeks, I’ve lost 15 pounds, six inches from my waist, three inches from my hips, and reduced both my BMI and waist to hip ratio. I now have more energy, much less pain and nearly no swelling in my extremities. But the most amazing thing of all is that I have reduced my overall insulin use by 75 units! In just six weeks!

All of these changes have been the result of primarily dietary changes. So don’t say “I can’t afford supplements so why bother trying the program” don’t say “I have no energy (or money) to exercise so why bother trying the program”. Start with just the dietary changes, you have control over what goes into your mouth and your body. Reduce consumption of, or eliminate entirely, the potential problem foods. You can do it. Just try it for six weeks. You will be amazed with how you feel and how you look. If you need some encouragement, try taking measurements every week around various parts of your body and record them on paper or in a spreadsheet. If you have a trusted loved on who can take swimsuit type of photos, take photos every couple of weeks in the same clothing in approximately the same position. By comparing the photos, you will be able to see just what is happening as your body reshapes into a better you. It is worth six weeks to see that you really can turn you health around. I cannot recommend this program enough.

Susan Heider

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  1. Pat Patchen March 17, 2012 at 1:59 pm #

    Hi Susan: I just got Dr. Hyman’s book (I have been on Sugar Busters since Nov) So the overall premise is doable for me, I would be on the Advanced plan, which is stricter. What I am struggling with is the cost of the supplements?! I noticed you had trouble with that too! Did you do the Advanced plan also? What supplements did you decide to take? Thanks for your help. Pat

  2. Louis Russo April 24, 2012 at 1:42 pm #

    Dr Hyman, My daughter suggested we take a look at yourbook The Blood Sugar Solution. My wife is a diabetic and we all would like to see her improve here health. She is going out today to purchase your book, and I told her I also would follow your solution to support her. I can also afford to lose some weight. The question I have is, while she is going through this program, what affects will it have while still take her insulin. I’d like to determine that answer as we are moving forward with the program. Thank you.

    • Dr. Hyman Nutrition Staff April 25, 2012 at 3:16 pm #

      Hi Louis,

      It sounds like you and your wife will both enjoy reaping the rewards of this program. Dr. Hyman has created a complete guide to restoring glucose and insulin function and less insulin will likely be required for your wife. However, it is strongly suggested she remain under the care of her Doctor for routine monitoring and evaluation. Dr. Hyman’s nutrition coaches can offer you and your wife more personalized care if you would like to explore the program in further detail. Please visit:

  3. Sue Wiesbrook May 3, 2012 at 6:36 pm #

    Susan, Congrats on doing such a great job. I am on Metformin and am starting this program. I am hoping not to ever get to the point of need insulin. I have done a similar eating plan before and not only lost 25 lbs but brought my fasting sugars to absolutely normal. Of course, then I fell off the plan and gained weight back. Hopefully, I will not do that this time.

    Once again, congrats and good luck.

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