Symptoms I Had are Now Gone Forever!


When I started this program I weighed 247 I now weigh 188 and still going down. The weight came off easily. It was so easy to stick to this program and watching the weight fall off was amazing. I have stopped taking all medication and now my weight no longer fluctuates up and down 10 lbs. each day. My skin looks great. I look 10 years younger. Symptoms I had are gone forever.

Holly Mulligan


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  1. JANET March 13, 2012 at 7:07 am #

    WOW this sounds impressive. and yes according to you and other doctors I ‘m PRE DIABESITY..and have been for many years and have many of the other health issues. HBP, THYROID, FUNGAL SKIN patches..To be honest with you those diet recipes you suggest don’t even appeal to me especially the ones with Hot Peppers. Holly Mulligans testimonial doesn’t tell a whole lot either….so what are THEY NOT my question????

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