I Have Nothing But Gratitude for Being Chosen for the Beta Test


I lost 10 pounds on the beta test, including my three-week preparatory phase. My current weight is 155.2, and I plan to keep up this program until I reach my goal weight of 121. This weight is 100 pounds less than my highest recorded weight. My total cholesterol is now 161, and HDL 67.

In the last few years, my doctor has been bugging me to take statins for my high-ish cholesterol. Last year, I succumbed and took them for about 6-months, but as I read more about them, I decided to take myself off after about 6-7 months. I read The UltraMind Solution in May and started the 6-week cleanse. I didn’t lose weight, but I liked the way I was eating, so I pretty much stayed on the program until I started The Blood Sugar Solution beta test.

Between April and October of this year, my cholesterol went from 239 to 196. On the beta test, I started preparing for the test 3-weeks before the actual start-date. When I ran out of bananas, I didn’t get any more, etc. As soon as I cut down the carbohydrates in my diet, my cravings and munchies went away – poof. I was sold. No matter how much weight I lost, life without the monkey on my back is the best gift ever. And now that I know how to keep the cravings away, I really believe that my goal is achievable. I have nothing but gratitude for being chosen for the beta test.

Arlene Jones

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