Lost 12 Pounds in 6 Weeks, Which Seemed Easy!


So not only did I lose weight, but I feel better and sleep better, too. I needed to drop a few pounds that had crept up on middle aged body, when I was asked to participate in the beta study. I am also a dentist, who is concerned with the oral/systemic link: heart disease/diabetes/periodontal disease.

Most diets are cold turkey restrictive, and cause all kinds of cravings for me when I feel deprived. This diet prepared me mentally, by learning to read labels and preparing my kitchen, and weaned me off of the caffeine/sugar substances so it was less traumatic than going cold turkey.

My favorite part of the diet was the morning shakes, which filled me up and reduced my hunger pangs mid-morning. I also liked the suggestions for snacks, finding snap peas and hummus became my new chips and salsa. The recipes were tasty, and used lots of fresh items, along with quinoa, soy milk, and other things that were previously unfamiliar to me.

But now, I am confident that there has been a paradigm shift in me and my family’s eating habits, which has created a lifestyle change! I also found I had very few cravings while on this diet, but consumed lots of food. I did not feel deprived.

It was challenging being on the diet over Halloween, a trip to Las Vegas, and Thanksgiving, but I found it was easy to get back on track, after deviating. (No drinks in Vegas? Are you kidding?!) I still lost 12 pounds in 6 weeks, which seemed easy! So not only did I lose weight, but I feel better and sleep better, too.

Knowing the reasons behind the diet: to reduce inflammation, potential allergies, and prescription medications by making dietary changes appeals to me as a healthcare provider interested in obtaining optimum health. Why take chemicals, when you can do it naturally, by diet? Your body is like a machine. Make it operate most efficiently, by giving it the right fuel, which this diet does!

Elizabeth Fleming

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