Fantastic! I Feel More Energetic, Alert, and Focused


In 8 weeks, A1C reduced by .7%, total cholesterol reduced by 35 points, triglycerides reduced by over 200 points, fasting blood sugar reduced by 65 points! Fantastic! I feel more energetic, alert, and focused. I do not have any cravings like I used to, don’t even crave carbs or sugar. No more headaches, no more heart palpitations due to elimination of caffeine. I lost only 8 pounds due to not being able to exercise (working full-time and going to school and caught a cold), but now that I’m on a school break, I will find a way to incorporate exercise into my daily life. I feel so much energy, lightness, and knowing I am finally on a program that works (as evidenced by the incredible “after” blood test results I received.

Carolyn Irvin

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