Decrease My Thyroid Med and My Asthma Inhalers


I have more energy, lost 11 lbs, and 6 inches off my waist. Current weight: 151 (a loss of 11 lbs.) current height: 5’4.5″ dx with CFIDS 30 years ago Chronic Asthma Chronic allergies Chronic sinus problems Chemical sensitivities low thyroid HPA Axis problem I have never been dx’d with diabetes.

Diabetes runs in my family (mother, brother, aunt, grandmother). I have always been aware of this and tried very hard not to overdue on the carbs. I have so many chronic health issues and have always felt very ‘alone’ dealing with them because I choose not go to the ‘traditional’ medical way of taking drugs. I have always tried to do it with food, supplements, changing my lifestyle, etc. After 30 years, it gets very frustrating that I haven’t been able to get to the health that I wanted (although I have made great strides along the way). I joined the BSS beta test in order to get the community support and the free help from the nutritionists. I knew there were still issues that I was missing.

After completing the test, even though all my blood sugar, etc. readings are good, I scored very high on the test because of the symptoms I was experiencing. I was advised to do the Advanced program instead of the basic. This was such a gift for me. The stricter plan is exactly what I needed. I, pretty much, was already eating the Basic way except for few indiscretions every now and then. After being on the Advanced plan a week or so, I started to having a worsening of my sinus symptoms, then my lungs, then vaginally.

I realized I was having yeast ‘die off’. I thought I had cured that long ago. The stricter Advanced plan really is responsible for this. I still am having some die off, though not as bad as before. My Doctor is giving me a supplement to help kill off the yeast faster. I have more energy, lost 11 lbs, and 6 inches off my waist. I did not to any of the Advanced supplements … only the Basic ones. I am very sensitive to supplements and need to be very careful. Also, being on a fixed income since 1988 the cost of any additional supplements was prohibitive. Because of my chronic fatigue, I really can’t exercise much. I did what I could and I still made tremendous progress with just following the food guidelines for the Advanced program. So … it can be done even with chronic health issues like mine.

I plan to continue with the Advanced plan. My BMI and Waist to Height ratio are both still too high. I will keep following the guidelines and try to incorporate more exercise, rest, meditation, etc. During this Beta Test I did not have the most cooperating circumstances. Several stressful situations arose. I had to travel out of town for two weeks of the program. Eating out is difficult, but I did it. Then, we had a major family issue pop up with my husband’s family (which we are still dealing with). The stress of the familial issue was unbelievable. I wish I didn’t have to experience this during the beta test, but I can’t imagine how I would have been able to handle any of this if it weren’t for this program. I remained calm, stayed on the program, though I didn’t get my exercise in as often nor was I able to do my meditation as often. But I handled myself with poise and remained calm.

I realize that I have other health issues that I have to follow the personalization guidelines of the program. I feel this Beta Test gave me such a great start. Thank you Dr. Hyman, his wonderful staff, and the online community for helping me on this journey. I will be forever grateful.

Sincerely, Denise

P.S. I was able to decrease my thyroid med and my asthma inhalers while on the program.

Denise Birnbaum

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