The Blood Sugar Solution Coaching Program


Take Advantage of The Blood Sugar Solution Home Coaching Program Today

The Blood Sugar Solution Home Coaching Program

For the past 20 years I have dedicated my career to understanding how to reverse obesity and diabetes – or what I call diabesity – the continuum of health problems that starts with mild weight problems and goes all the way to obesity and full blown type 2 diabetes.

Today this affects one in two Americans – that is EVERY OTHER PERSON. It is you or someone you know. It is the leading cause of chronic disease and the major driver of ALL health care spending. And no one has provided a clear coherent solution – not on a personal level, a community level or for our society.

That is why I wrote my book, The Blood Sugar Solution.

If you’ve clicked on this video, then you or a loved one is most likely overweight, pre-diabetic or diabetic and struggling with this disease and its related life-threatening illnesses.

By reading my book The Blood Sugar Solution, you take the first step in your journey back from this devastating diagnosis…once you understand the what and the why, then you need to take action.

And here’s how to do it…

I have created a companion home study program.

It is called The Blood Sugar Solution Home Coaching Program – this powerful home study course teaches you exactly how to overcome your diabesity. This easy to use home study course contains…

  • The Blood Sugar Solution Workshop, with 3 hours of video in which I…
    • Explain the true causes of diabesity and the myths that keep us sick and fat
    • Present an in-depth discussion of the personal, local, and global impact of the diabesity epidemic
    • Provide strategies for getting healthy with others and advice on
      • What to eat
      • How to move
      • How to live clean and green
      • What supplement to take to weight loss and preventing, treating and reversing diabesity
      • How we can get healthy together
      • And take back our health in our homes, communities, schools, workplaces and more.
    • This program also contains an interactive, step-by-step workbook in which I…
      • Help you put the six-week Blood Sugar Solution to work in your life in a simple practical step-by-step program.
      • The workbook includes
        • Specific guidelines for what, when and how to eat to reverse diabesity
        • Self diagnostic quizzes to personalize the program
        • Journaling exercises to help you be accountable to your self and work through your obstacles to success
        • Health tracking tools to track your progress and all your numbers. Because if you track your progress, studies show you are twice as effective. Simply tracking what you eat and your weight will help you lose twice as much.

    Now is the time to take back control of your health and your life. Let me help you. I have created this program for you and encourage you to Take advantage of The Blood Sugar Solution Home Coaching Program

    Take Advantage of The Blood Sugar Solution Home Coaching Program Today
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