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This Program is Helping Me to Save My Own Life


After completing this program – I feel better than I have in years – lots of symptoms that I was attributing to menopause/aging – hot flashes, sore joints, fatigue, inability to concentrate/remember things – disappeared once I began this program. I lost 22 pounds and 5 inches off my waist in 8 weeks. I started […]


The “Beta” Gave Me Hope and Results


To date, I’ve lost 14.6 lbs (from 256.4 to 241.8) and have also experienced enough improvement in blood pressure readings to ask my doctor to decrease my medication. Blood sugar readings are also improving–I am determined to continue with the beta to hopefully go off insulin altogether The “beta” gave me hope and results. I’ve […]


I’ve Learned So Much From This Program


I look at the Facebook page several times a day to get inspiration. For me this is just as important a result as the 14#’s I lost on the scale I’ve learned so much from this program. I now understand that the food I eat communicates with my body. I’ll never be the same again […]


Thank You So Much Dr. Hyman for Giving Me My Life Back


I lost 9 pounds and 14.75 inches. I lost 4 inches in my belly button measurement and 2.5 in the largest part of my belly. I now fit into smaller pants and look so much better in my clothes. Did I mention I also lost 2 inches off of my hips? As the days went […]


The Blood Sugar Solution Gets to the Root of the Problem


Some other bonuses of this program – my skin is clearer, me energy is increased dramatically, exercise is no longer a dirty word – in fact I look forward to it, food is no longer the focus of my days – I do plan for it, but it does not consume my thinking. Before beginning […]


I Lost Eleven Pounds and 2 1/2 Inches Off My Waist in 8 Weeks


When you first read the proposed dietary changes Dr. Hyman recommends, the program sounds impossible. It’s not easy at first, but it’s possible. You have to change your mindset from “that’s what I’ve always eaten” to “this is what I will eat to regain my health”. I lost eleven pounds and 2 1/2 inches off […]

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Symptoms I Had are Now Gone Forever!


When I started this program I weighed 247 I now weigh 188 and still going down. The weight came off easily. It was so easy to stick to this program and watching the weight fall off was amazing. I have stopped taking all medication and now my weight no longer fluctuates up and down 10 […]


I Have Nothing But Gratitude for Being Chosen for the Beta Test


I lost 10 pounds on the beta test, including my three-week preparatory phase. My current weight is 155.2, and I plan to keep up this program until I reach my goal weight of 121. This weight is 100 pounds less than my highest recorded weight. My total cholesterol is now 161, and HDL 67. In […]

The Online Community Has Been So Beneficial


I started the BBS program, and lost 7 pounds, 2 inches off my waist, and lost many unwanted aches and pains! I am a 63 year old woman, with many health issues. I have gone to doctors who prescribed drugs for many things, so now I am working to correct problems with healthy eating. Over […]

Fantastic! I Feel More Energetic, Alert, and Focused


In 8 weeks, A1C reduced by .7%, total cholesterol reduced by 35 points, triglycerides reduced by over 200 points, fasting blood sugar reduced by 65 points! Fantastic! I feel more energetic, alert, and focused. I do not have any cravings like I used to, don’t even crave carbs or sugar. No more headaches, no more […]

Dropping 25 Pounds and 6 Inches Off the Waist in Six Weeks


This program exceeded all expectations. I found it very easy to follow after the first week after getting all those cravings out of my system. I have realized that food is medicine and right eating makes aches/pains, allergies, fatigue, etc just seem to disappear. Dropping 25 pounds and 6 inches off the waist in six […]

I Went From About 164 Down to 155 in 6 Weeks!


Within the first 2 weeks my blood pressure dropped significantly, my knees did not ache anymore, my hands were not swollen anymore and my self esteem was thru the roof. I had lost hope of dropping any weight as I was getting older. It seemed impossible, until I did this program. The weight loss was […]