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The Blood Sugar Solution Gets to the Root of the Problem


Some other bonuses of this program – my skin is clearer, me energy is increased dramatically, exercise is no longer a dirty word – in fact I look forward to it, food is no longer the focus of my days – I do plan for it, but it does not consume my thinking. Before beginning […]

This Program Got Me Back on Track


I have lost 17 lbs & still losing. I am no longer considered diabetic or pre-diabetic, but normal! For 6 years through diet & exercise I have worked on losing weight & lowering my A1C. I could not get my A1C to go any lower or lose the last 20 lbs. permanently. I easily lost […]

I Was No Longer Pre-Diabetic


I had been using information from your other books for a few years. It was a surprise that since my last blood work 3 years ago, I was not longer “pre-diabetic”. I do think sugar caused a lot of pain and inflammation in my body. I do feel better when I don’t eat sugar. Gay […]

Take Charge and Make Decisions for Myself


I am not a diabetic, nor do I plan to become one just because a doctor said I would. I am a healthy, vibrant, energetic person who lost 17 pounds, and 13 inches from my waist, who reversed a pre-diabetic condition, insulin resistance, and severe muscular and joint pain. My arms and legs no longer […]