Learn to Eat without Added Sugar, Grains and Dairy


Learning to eat without added sugar, grains and dairy can be wonderful once you learn how! Eating healthfully can be a very enjoyable experience. I learned this by eating what I initially thought would be a very restrictive diet.

Dana Williams


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  1. Sarah Hewson August 7, 2012 at 11:43 am #

    I decided to cut out wheat and dairy and reduce sugar from my diet 2 years ago when I suffered painful fibroids and constant ovarian cysts. Within weeks I was feeling the benefits in reducing the days that I was in pain. Very quickly I found that I wasn’t missing bread from my diet at all, and I replaced the carbohydrate with brown rice and oats. If I want a biscuit I have an oat cake instead. My morning cereal consists of either porridge made with rice milk, or a cereal made from oats, nuts and dried fruit which is tastier than any cereal I used to eat. For sweetness I use a bit of xylitol, a natural sugar from fruit and vegetables but I find that the less sweetness I eat, the less I want. I don’t miss dairy milk at all and now after avoiding it for 2 years I find I can’t drink it – I just don’t even like it anymore. I prefer the rice milk and almond milk. Coconut cream (different to creamed coconut) is a great replacement for dairy cream/ice-cream – it’s very creamy and very good for you at the same time. Finding these alternatives just requires a bit of imagination but once you start it is amazing how your body just doesn’t want what it used to have. Of course, not being in pain is the biggest incentive – if I eat too much wheat and dairy (e.g. if staying away from home) then the pains come back and I soon remember why I avoid it. However, having a little bit of wheat and dairy here and there doesn’t affect me, so it’s not all or nothing for my ailments – I just need to eat as little as I can. I do hope that in the future there will be more fast food available that is wheat and dairy free as it can be hard to find when eating on-the-go. It is shocking to think that the western diet is based so largely on food that is literally affecting our quality of life and our life-expectancy.

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